Taking backup into different server through Database Maintenance Plan

Sql Server 2000

I have two servers

1) accsrv
2) sdmsrv

In sdmsrv I have shared folder \\sdmsrv\ACCSRV_BACKUP with administrative rights.

In accsrv I have created a Database Maintenance Plan and in tab [complete backup] I have ticked use this directory and Here I am writing folder name \\sdmsrv\ACCSRV_BACKUP it says

"The complete database backup directory \\sdmsrv\ACCSRV_BACKUP is invalid. Are you sure this is what you want?"

In short , I am unable to take database backup into different server/machine.
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Jai STech ArchCommented:
yes, when its under a domain I would also suggest to have the domain account rather than local system account....

but i have tried before that even when i am on local system account i was able to back up my db into another network drive (provided i had all hte priviliges of that network drive)...
Jai STech ArchCommented:
one good suggestion will be to MAP the drive...right click netwrosk -- map network drive..and map you server path to a drive...and use the drive as the back up...so that you can be sure that the connection is always proper...
MehramAuthor Commented:
It does not accept even mapped network drive.
MehramAuthor Commented:
Hi jaganeshsrinivasan

Finally, I found that to backup on network location the SQL Server service must be run under domain account and not local system account.

Please, put a comment on this opinion so that the correct answer could be accepted.

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