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How to relay specify an external email address in Exchange Server 2003

Hi Experts

I have a program will send a notification to external email address to notify an alert.

It was unable to send because Error 550.7.1 Unable to relay.

Is there a way to just relay a specific email address through Exchange Server 2003. For example, current email domain is tcf.com. Relay to tcf@gmail.com
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Im unsure what you mean by this, but ill have a stab anyway.

Unable to relay usualy means you are trying to send thru a Smarthost that wont allow that domain to be sent to it, either ask your ISP/Smarthost provider to let you send thru that server with that domain, or change to DNS delivery.

If you want to exchange to forward emails to an external Email address all you need to do it setup a contact in active directory, use the exteranal address as the SMTP address. Then create a user in active directory and forward all email under the "exchange general" tab in the users properties to that contact. this will send any emails to this external account for you, and you can also select the tick box to deliver emails to the mailbox and the contact.

Hope this helped, and i understood your question :)
chekfuAuthor Commented:
Thanks for replying. However, it is not really I'm looking for.

It is a program will do a monitoring and send email notification. It is working if I type my company email address (e.g. user1@tcf.com), the notification send it to user1 mailbox.

Instead of sending to user1@tcf.com, it send to tcf@gmail.com.

Is there a way let Exchange Server 2003 allow relay specific external email address?
Relaying on Exchange doesn't work by email address. It either allows relaying based on the source or authentication.
However your best option is to send the email to your ISPs SMTP server. If it is for an internal user it will just come back in again, if it is for an external user then it will go out.


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