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We are have a little trouble with Google and other search engines in getting our pages up the rankings. Our sites differ from no other so we could not help but narrow the problem down to our development techniques.

Do Response.Redirects case probolems in pages?

Whats the size threshold of each page, is it really necessary to use a tableless layout etc

Does the QueryString viewArticle.asp?ArticleId=56 really matter?



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follow the below link

u will get an idea how redirection wrks

b u d d h a
"We are have a little trouble with Google and other search engines in getting our pages up the rankings."

Take the time to carefully review the SEO tutorial at  This will give you a good fundamental overview of what you can do to improve your search engine rankings.

"Whats the size threshold of each page"

This is a pretty interesting experiment into how much content the major search engines will index -  However, I have seen different claims, some of which are said to be as a result of other tests.  The bottom line is that the old SEO maxim that 100kb was the limit is probably no longer true (if it ever was).  My guess is that the actual 'limit' has more to do with page loading time than simply page size.  Thus a page that loads more slowly (ie. a slower web server on a slower internet connection) would have a lower threshold, but that is speculative on my part.

"is it really necessary to use a tableless layout etc"

Clean, standards compliant code is relevant and desirable, but is certainly one of the lesser ranking factors.  Table-based designs are inherently more bloated and harder to validate.  The primary reasons for using valid tableless layouts are design reasons rather than SEO reasons, but the SEO relevance should not be dismissed either.

"Does the QueryString viewArticle.asp?ArticleId=56 really matter?"

That depends on the query strings.  Google ( try to index pages with dynamic URLs and are getting better at it all the time.  URLs with simple query strings and a limited number of variables are fine, but the more complex they get, the more compelled you should feel to use some sort of URL rewriting to make them more search engine friendly.

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Sorry, missed this ...  "Do Response.Redirects case probolems in pages?"

The problem with Response.Redirect serves a 302 (temporarily moved) http code.  While the search engines are getting better with accepting and following 302's, it is still advisable to use a 301 (permanent) redirect.  It is the most reliable way to make sure that the search engines will follow the redirect and pass the value of the redirecting page to the new page.
Humeniuk did an excellent job answering your question about the impact of these IT structures.  I would also add perhaps it has nothing to do with structure at all.  Here is something to think about using my company as an example.

My company (RealStores) just launched a free ecommerce solution and we are developing our keyword strategy.  When we look at keywords we look at the saturation of the marketplace for a particular keyword.  

Since we provide software for people to build an online store let's use "online store" as an example. The amount of Google results for this particular keyword is 697,000,000 - pretty impressive.  I know to gain traction in this keyword is going to be a long-term strategy that may never bear the fruit I hope for.  

Now if I just add "free online store" (makes sense for us since we are a free solution) to the keyword search only 195,000,000 websites come up.  Still a daunting task, but more manageable than over half a billion.

My point is it may not be a technology debate, but rather a marketing strategy question you need to ask.

I hope this helps.

Michael Levine

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Hi Michael,

Thank you for your comments.  Please note that under the EE Guidelines, company names, URL's, etc. are not allowed in signature lines (  Therefore, I have edited your post accordingly.  You are free to include that information in your profile and I often encourage people to do so.

Thank you for your understanding.

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