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Expanding or adding more domains

Not really a question but here it goes.

CORP A (my company) has purchased CORP B.
Todays setup:
CORP A has 9 physical offices set up under the same root domain.
CORP B has 4 physical offices set up with a root and sub domains for every office.

CORP Bs Domain structure are to be completely scraped and rebuild to fit CORP As Policies.
My first idée was just to add the 4 offices to Domain in CORP A but we have a problem of user mentality.

As CORP A is a buyer of CORP B. its important that we tread lightly, I dont want to go there and tell them your systems are no good! Im going to throw it all out and join you all to my system. Im trying my best to have happy users.

So the basic of the problem is:
I think the idée of having all the users from CORP B looking at the login screen, DNS and all other domain traces, will crush them. ( CORP A\user.from.corpB ) and I dont believe a subdomain to CORP A will help.  
I really dont like the idée of setting up a new domain for CORP B and trusting it from A as I know in time the barriers between CORP A and B will fade. And what happens when the boss say hay I purchased 10 new offices. I cant end up with xx number of domains to manage.
Another practical reason not to add another Domain to the forest is that the network resources are very limited on CORP B.
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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Do you really need seperate domains - seperate domains are really only necessary if you want each to be autonomous and/or to have different password/account policies.

You can use a single OU with multiple sites and OUs to better manage a situaltion like this in many cases. The sites can be used to localise traffic where possible, whilr to OUs will allow you to apply different polices to different sets of uses and you delegate administration (if you want)
As you said that not really a Question . . . . but a dicey situation nevertheless . . . . If i would you I would set up a meeting of all the key Decision Makers and IT people and put this question in front of them, that way they would know what is causing the Cahnge and it would be better understood. . . .  
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