Recover data on RAID disks on storage after OS reinstall

One of our backup PF exchange server crashed with bluescreen error. we tried all the possibilities to recover the OS but could not.
Server detail:
Dell 2650 with Dell T220S attached.
Win 2K3 with E2K3/SP2.
Earlier someone configured the system drive (C:drive) as RAID-5 with one disk from DAS.( that is why the OS crashed when the storage got disconnected from the server due to power failure.)
We had RAID-1 for TLogs and RAID-5 for Information store.

Removed the DAS (Direct Attached Storage) connected to this server and reinstalled the OS - Windows 2003 Ent./SP1. we have not cleared the RAID config. After the OS reinstall, we could not get the virtual disks back. we reconfigured the RAID-1 & RAID-5 for TLogs and IS respectively with the same combination of physical disks. But it asks for initialization. I know if we initialize at this stage we will lose the data on the Vdisks.
Is there any possibility to recover this Virtual disks without losing any data. I don't care about the Tlogs but we have some archived PSTs in RAID-5 which we need to recover.

Thanks in advance for your help.
>>>> veera.

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Veerappan SundaramSenior Technical ConsultantAsked:
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Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Well, you could try RAID Reconstructor - it worked great for me.  Given what it does and how little it costs, I suggest just buying it.  You can go through a two stage process that might allow you to recover things in trial mode, but it will take longer.  The $99 software price is well worth it when you consider how much time you'd save with a one step process.
Veerappan SundaramSenior Technical ConsultantAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your quick response. We will try it and will let you know ASAP.

Thanks again.
>>>> Veera.
Veerappan SundaramSenior Technical ConsultantAuthor Commented:

Downloaded the trial version but I could see only the local drives not the DAS (Direct Attached Storage).
Is there any other way to reconstruct the RAID in DAS?

>>>> veera.
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Veerappan SundaramSenior Technical ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Can someone help me on this?

Thanks a ton in advance.
>>>> veera.
Have you contacted Dell support, since it is their system ?

I hope this helps !
andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
RAId reconstructore requires the disks to be on a standard non-RAID controller. You would have to take the PERc controller out and plug a SCSI controller in place of it before the software worked. Also it needs an enormous amount of disk space - twice the size of the current array if I understand correctly.
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