Missing documents

I provide support for a small law firm. One of the users is complaining that documents and folders are missing. The system was completely rebuilt in July and even the Image file from july does not have any of the missing data. There is nothing wrong with the system or network. I am confident that the files were simply deleted or misplaced by user error. In a small firm with no doc management system, can anyone offer any suggestions on how to safeguard data where everyone has full control?

Thank you.
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ormerodrutterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't really safeguard data when everyone has full control - how can you prevent an user deleting any document if he/she has full control on it? Can you restore the file from backup?

A FULL daily backup would be useful when you need to restore any data. You need to define your own backup stragety but a quick example like 5 daily backups plus monthly archive would be sufficient for most small companies.
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