Dell Optiplex 520's Amber powerlight and battery replacements

Computer Model :Dell Optiplex 520
Issue(s): Amber blinking powerlight / Battery needs replacing

Two seperate issues, yet in same building. Here is what I am wondering; This is an older building, could wiring or power surges do something to these PCs?

Blinking orange lights- several 520's just shut off during the day- power light blinks amber; Power OFF machine, reseat memory, machine is up and running. Can run fine for hours or days, then just SHUTS off, power light blinks amber.  Power off machine power back on- machine may be fine for hours or days.
Power supply? And if so, this is happening alot in this one building with these particular machines....5 of them now. Is this common for Dell's?

Battery replacement- same model machine, same building- 3 of them already that are maybe a little over a year old. What would cause that battery to need replacing so soon? Just the Dell model?
I have a Dell now for 5 years- its on almost all the time- never had to replace the battery yet.

Thanks in advance to any suggestions/comments.
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It's very possible the power surges/drops could cause the issues you're seeing, including the battery replacement.  

For the 520's that are just shutting off - I'd recommend putting them on a ups's.  Cost about $20-30 per pc.  In addition to providing power backup, they will also smooth out any power fluctuations.  Wouldn't hurt to do the same for those that need battery replacement.  Power fluctuations can cause early battery failure.  You may also want to check with Dell to see if they've been having any recurring issues with those batteries.  

I'd also recommend having a good licenses electricial check out the power quality in the building.
If you start to see something like the date in bios wrong, then it use to be time to replace cmos battery. Otherwise, keep running.

The issue that I see here is the power of building might underpower or it has problem. Make sure you have faciilty technician to check that first.
jaw1971Author Commented:
Thanks both of you for your input
You're welcome.  Glad we could help.
I have had a good number of 520's have this issue.  We have checked the power and it is good.  Dell won't admit to having an issue, but, are more than happy to send me a new power supply.  I have about 400 520's in the company and have replaced close to 100 of the power supplies.
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