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Need XL400 functions - Some kind of user guide to use the DLL file functions...

Last Modified: 2013-11-26
Hey there...

Look I have a program called XL400 I use to download data from a database here at work. This software mprts the data from the database and puts it in an excel file. This softwar is designed by a acompany called Symtrax. I am trying to get a complete user's manual in PDF format in order to be able to create VB code using the DLL available on XL400 in order to automate the pocess I have to run on a daily basis manually. XL400 is an excel add-in that runs only when excel is opened. currently I am using two of the VBA functions that I could find, but still I think that there are some more that will ease my work more. I just need some kind of user manual which will list and explain the functions, if it is possible. I'm counting on you guys... you've always been a life savers...

Waiting for your reply... thanks in advance...
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well actually they are not DLL's for XL400 I guess, they are DLL's for AS400, now, I dont want to use DLL's of AS400, or at least I dont know how to. I use AS400 to set my username and password on XL400, I think that if I use the DLL's on AS400 I might be able to download data since I have gone through the functions available in the library and there is such thing as download to XLS and csv, etc. I dont know if u can provide me with help regarding this issue. Jaynee I need to download on the average 70,000 rows of information, they will not fit in a single excel sheet, I have to distribute the data in several sheets. and to do that I ahve to be resent in front of the PC to make sure I downloa the data in the correct sequence and so on. On top of that I cannot automate the process because I have to also be present at the time I have to enter the username and password. I wont to set the username and password in the VBA code and put a password on the Access file or in the Excel file and that's all. It takes me about an hour or two to download data, run macros and queries to at last print several reports, where I can let the computer run this process before I come to work and find everything ready to print.

So let me mention the References I can access in VBA:

- AS/400Expres Toolkit Table index Type library 1.2
- IBM AS/400 iSeries Access for windows ActiveX Objects
- IBM eGatherer Diagnostics 1.0 Type Library

A couple of months I was able to get the Help file called cwbx.hlp which explains a bt about these libarries functions but I was not able to run them on my PC due to security reasons. I need some PDF file that I will be able to read or an explanation of how to  create the connection to download the data.

Thanks for ur help Jaynee...
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