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Database engine tuning advisor I want to choose best index for my table

I would like to do some tuning with my database which is having 50GB db data file size. And I would like also to use Database engine tuning advisor as the primary tool that can be use to analyze the best index for my table and I heard that I need a sql profiler for the best recommendations and if the answer is yes for sql profiler,
what kind of event should I pick to use the database engine tuning advisor to look for the best index recommendations?
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Hi tedbilly
Can u explain me a little bit how do i use a query above to and wht you query a sysusers? and it let says in sql server 2005 does this statement work?
I just tried it on one of my SQL 2005 databases using the SQL Server Management Studio and it worked.

The reason for the sysusers JOIN is to get the object owner like 'dbo'.  SQL allows you to create two objects with the same name but different owners.  Personally I don't like using that technique but you have to protect against.

IE: If you have a SQL user named Fubar who is a database owner the following objects could be created.

My query will show both.
Hmm I'mtrying with the above statement, but the object_id return was not exists in my database

select object_name(object_id_here) but does not return me any objects
The OBJECT_ID function requires a string IE: OBJECT_ID('Fubar')  That scalar function as nothing to do with my answer to your question.  I'm not sure why you are using it.