How to round corners in Corel Photopaint

Hello all,

I'm a programmer who wants to make a little image for my gui.  I have - don't laugh - Corel PhotoPaint 8.

All I want to do round the top-left and bottom right corners of a square image.  I have an image, it's square, the background is dark blue.  I want the top-right and bottom-left corners to be rounded off and outside the rounding to be white.  Like the corners of all the buttons here on this site, except just thetop-left and bottom-right corners.

I've figured out how to place a round or oval mask over the square, invert it, and apply a white surface outside the mask - bt of course that gives me all four corners rounded.

Will appreciate some help.

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xfvgdrthbdtyvhgscvAuthor Commented:
Found it - did it by working backwards.  Started with a blue square, then a round mask, fill with blue, then it's trivial to fill two corners with blue using the paint brush tool.
Jose ParrotGraphics ExpertCommented:
Good you have the solution.
Anyway, I'm not laughing. I have version 6. Works fine!
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