Exchange 2007 Email usage monitor

Hi all
Does anyone know of any software that monitors email usage in Exchange 2007.
We would like to be able to monitor How many email a user is sending/receiving and what would be nice is if it could be flagged if a user is sending/receiving alot of emails from / to a particular user.

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Message tracking gives the raw information.
You then need to use something to process those logs.
Quest Message Stats is the best, but expensive. Then there is Mail Detective, Promodag and a few others.

However none of them are real time, because the information is not stored in any kind of real time state. If you want real time information you would probably have to use some kind of gateway to monitor the SMTP traffic.


I'm not sure this will tell you who emails who, but it very useful monitoring users and the loads they place on an Ex server
pbraneAuthor Commented:
Hi There
We are going to try Mail detective once we have turn one Message tracking in 2007.

Thanks for the help.

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