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Rule that will trash undeliverables messages caused by spoofing spammers

AnimatorOne asked
Last Modified: 2008-01-09
Hello Experts!

I am looking for asssistance creating a rule in Outlook that will trash undeliverable emails that arrive in my catchall account, due to spammers spoofing my domain.

I have a handfull of valid email addresses so my intent is to check the "To" field and if the recepient is not one of my valid accounts then check the subject for the word undeliverable - if the recepient is unknown the the subject includes "undeliverable, I'd like to trash the email.
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The key to any rule is figuring out the info that will be the same for all the messages you want to act on and not false positive ofr ones you want to keep.  So, depending on your responses, you may have a string or word in the subject of the rejections that identifies it as an undeliverable that was spammy and not legit.
If you can identify that, then in outlook:
Tools->Rules and Alerts->New Rule
Choose the "Move messages with specific words in the subject to a folder"
choose the words, choose deleted items as the folder.


Thank you for the comment. Checking the subject line for the word "undeliverable" and moving the message to the deleted items is simple enough. The challenge with this rule is in allowing the word "undeliverable" in the subject line, if the "To" field is one of our 10 working email addresses.
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Good job! Step 3 it was... if I was only a little more patient, I would have got to it!

Thank you very much!
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