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Folders created in personal folder in outlook 2007 disappeared

I created five folders in personal folders in outlook.  After I created these folders I highlighted and dragged emails from my inbox into the folders.  After I released from the drag and drop the folder as well as all the emails were gone.  Can anyone tell me how to get this information bcak.
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Greetings kzackery !

Check in your Trash folder to see if you accidently deleted the folders.  

Check other folders to see if you accidently drag the folders to within another folder.

Check your View settings, to make sure you are seeing all the folders.

Hope this helps, war1
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I checked all of that and everything seems to be in order.  
You may need to run the command line to reset the folders.  Go to Start > Run and type

outlook /resetfolders

and hit OK to apply.
Tryed that command but didn't have any luck.  Also, within my inbox I clicked on the move to a folder icon and I saw the created folders.  As I continued trouble shooting and went back into the move to this folder icon they all disappeared except for one of the created folders.
The emails and folders may have been accidentally deleted. Do you have a backup of the PST file?
I see the outlook.pst.  I never created a backup.
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Tryed it.  Still unable to find anything
I asked you earlier to check your View settings.  Have you done that?
No such luck with recovering those folders and no one else has posted anything in over a week so I am going to close this question.  Thanks for you diligence war1 I will give you the points.
kzackery, sorry you could not recover the folders. Thanks for the points.