Dual monitor resolution nightmare Desktop Scrolls

I have been trying to setup dual monitors for my windows xp system.

The problem now is that when I go to 1680x1050 resolution at 60hz, which the monitor supports, it makes the desktop 'zoomed in'.  In other words, it doesn't show the taskbar at bottom, but as I move the cursor to the bottom of the screen, the desktop scrolls down to show the taskbar.  It can be scrolled left or right as well.

I have been using this monitor for a while at 1680x1050, so I know it supports it.  I tried using the ATI Hydravision software, and that's when this zooming behavior started.  I have uninstalled Hydravision, ATI Catalyst Control Center, & the ATI driver.  I then reinstalled the ATI driver (I have a Radeon x1300), but it doesn't help the problem.

1440x900 resolution works fine, but isn't nearly as sharp as the 1680x1050 that, up to this point, I had been using.  Oddly enough, the secondary monitor displays the 1680x1050 fine, no scrolling needed.

Any ideas on how I can get this back to the 1680x1050 resolution without the scrolling?
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light_bulbConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Well, it looks like I solved my own problem.

I went to device manager and uninstalled both monitors, then scanned for hardware changes to make the monitor drivers reinstall.

Then Desktop > Properties > Settings > Advanced > Adapter > List All Modes.  I then selected 1680x1050 True Color 60Hz.

After that, it worked fine!
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