How to setup Natting on VPN tunnel with Watchguard fireware 9.0

How to setup Natting on VPN tunnel with Watchguard fireware 9.0.  I have an 1250e wg appliance that I am setting up a branch VPN connection to a cisco vpn concentrator.  The branch office is on the same subnet so I would like to setup a nat statement on the firebox that nats my 192.168.1.x traffic to 192.168.32.x through the tunnel.

Any ideas how to do that on this device.

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To create 1-1 NAT over IPSec VPN tunnel; in Policy Manager go to VPN->Branch Office Tunnels; click Add if not already added; specify name and gateway [create one if not already added].
Under Addresses tab; if no address defined, click Add; under local specify 192.168.1.x/y [where y is the relevant subnet mask and x being the subnet; for eg.,]; under Remote specify 192.168.1.x/y;
leave direction as : Local <===> Remote
Check 1:1 NAT checkbox under NAT Settings; specify 192.168.32.x/y; click OK all the way back.

Please note 1-1 NAT would be 1-1 IP mapping between 192.168.1.x till x+n to 192.168.32.x till x+n; you cannot have all the traffic in 192.168.1.x subnet to be natted to one single IP 192.168.32.a

The remote site would see the traffic originating from 192.168.32.x subnet.

Please implement and update.

Thank you.
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