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We have just had an issue arise when we began installing Win2k3 Server R2 SP2.  We setup server for dental offices and all of our servers are always setup the same.  Recently when we began installing 2k3 server r2 sp2 we began receiving some wierd permission related issues.  The dental software will create a file .txt, .xml, etc and once it is created it is read only.  The permissions are setup properly on the directories, each user is an admin on the domain and a local admin on the workstation.  Any suggestions?  Is there a utility the will take a directory and reset the permissions.  I don't think the permissions are correct even though windows says they are.
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Brian PierceConnect With a Mentor PhotographerCommented:
Its not a good idea to go around resetting permissions in the hope it will correct an problem - you need to find the cause - try the effective permissions tool
Shift-3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you checked both share permissions (on the Sharing tab of Properties) and NTFS permissions (on the Security tab)?

Server 2003 sets share permissions to Read for Everyone by default.  This would prevent anyone from editing documents as you describe.  If you set share permissions to Full Control for Everyone and then restrict access using NTFS permissions it should correct the problem.

Also, it's a very bad idea to make all users domain admins.  If the software absolutely requires that they be local administrators then you could add the INTERACTIVE group to the local Administrators group on each PC.  This will make the currently-logged-on user an administrator but will not give them access to other machines over the network.  This limits the potential damage if someone runs a virus-infected email attachment for instance.
both of the above comments are excellent suggestions to start.  typically there is a single directory that the user needs access to as well as a couple of keys in the registry.  You can find both of those using various tools that can be found on the internet as freeware or shareware.  I prefer process monitor that is distributed by Microsoft for free.

Are you talking about the properties - read only checkbox? That has nothing to do with ntfs.
For folders, it is perfectly normal that "read only" is checked. For files of course, it should not be.
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