using SCanner with citrix

we have citrix server 4.0 we installed drivers for  HP scanner 3670 and we installed pastperfect4 which is image software for scanner.
in the workstation we installed pastperfect4 image software. there is another server where the scanner database is.
there is no problem when a user from workstation scans document and upload to the software but he can't do that through Citrix server.
The reason the user needs to go through citrix server because it's too slow to go from the workstation to the database server and save in the database.

anyone had this issue and solved it?

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Citrix can pass most TWAIN scanners from your workstation.
Enabling TWAIN Redirection

You enable the redirection of TWAIN devices by enabling the policy rule Configure TWAIN redirection.

1. Open the properties of a policy in which you want to control TWAIN redirection.

2. Enable the rule Client Devices > Resources > Other > Configure TWAIN redirection.

3. Use the options to allow and disallow TWAIN redirection, as well as control the level of data compression.

Consider the following after enabling TWAIN redirection:

" The image acquisition software must be installed on the computer running Presentation Server. Examples of supported applications include Microsoft PictureIT, OmniPage, PaperPort, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and IrFanView.

Note: 16-bit TWAIN drivers are not supported.

" Image acquisition software that provides the USB device drivers must be installed on the client platform.

More Information

CTX107411 - Troubleshooting TWAIN with Citrix Presentation Server 4.0

CTX106765 - Explaining Scanner Support with Citrix MetaFrame
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