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We are planning to install AD across two sites and require some assistance with the second site.

Site A will consist of:
Server 1 - Domain Controller - Global catalog server - DNS
Server 2 - Exchange 07 - member domain server
Server 3 - SQL Server, backup DNS

Site B will have a primary file server but we are not sure what the best way to configure this is.  Do we create one domain with two sites or the other way round?

We are unsure what the best way to create the AD for the second site.  We would like users from site 1 to be able to login at site 2.  we would also like to put in a second global catalog server, could we put this at site 2 or does this have to be at site 1.  how much load would this put on the link between the sites.
The two sites will be connected by a 2mb leased line.
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One domain, two sites. A DC at each site, with the infrastructure master NOT being a global catalog server.


Personally I would create a single domain, configure up 2 sites.  Add a DC into Site 2, configure this as a GCS, & DNS server.  This way users will use local resources for name resolution, and logon.  Depending on how stable your AD config is  (i.e. number of changes made)  I would schedule AD replication to run overnight to reduce the load on your network.  However a 2Mb leased line should be sufficent to handle your requirements.

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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
You only need two domains if you want a degree of seperation, different security boundaries and different password/account policies. In this case I dont think that applies so a single domain would be preferred.

As you have two physical sites it woulls make sense to have two sites in Active Directory also. To give some resilliance and to reduce intersite traffic then two domain controllers, one on each site with both configured with AD Integrated DNS and both holding a copy of the global catalog would be best.

Alternatively you could consider a terminal server solution for the second site.
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Jeremy WeisingerSenior Network Consultant / EngineerCommented:
I agree Dean and MidnightOne.

" ...with the infrastructure master NOT being a global catalog... "
I just want to add that this is only applicable in a multi domain environment. If there's just one domain then there's no harm in having the IM on a GC.
Jeremy WeisingerSenior Network Consultant / EngineerCommented:
Oh, I also agree with KCTS. (didn't see your comments)
bains1000Author Commented:
thanks for your comments.  Our thoughts were heading down the right route.
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