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I have been doing some Google and MS Support searching for a problem with my file associations.  We have several clients on the shop floor and for the most part everything is working right.  however lately it seems we are getting files in a folder which do not have associations with them.  They do have new extensions so I can see why they do not have associations with them, but if I login to the terminal server as administrator and create an association for notepad which, they have the rights to run, those associations do not carry to each user.
I have looked at KB257592.  I did enable the user-specific registry entry, but that does not seem to take effect.  I was even going to go as far as copying the file type registry from my HKLU to the other HKU's, but I cannot figure out which SID is which user.
Has anyone else come across this issue?  I am pulling the last of my hair out trying to resolve this and I would be much appreciative to anyone who can offer some advice, tips or anything to try out.
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there are 2 methods for changing file associations:
- do it as administrator in install mode (does not work when you have configured per user file associations)
- edit the registry HKCR (best method) this sets the default for all users, when you configure per user file associations, the user can overrule.
- it's very easy to find which key you need to edit. use a pc with win2000/xp and regmon from sysinternals. make the change and read the log.
are you logging on to the terminal server locally or via RDP while making the changes?
chrisryhalAuthor Commented:
Sorry took so long, but I am familier with RegMon but just haven't used it for so long.  I appreciate the help!
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