Sending MAPI email with PERL in ClearQuest

Here's what I am using for my code, I want to be able to add multiple people on the TO: line CC: line and resolve them:  Please help!

  $myvar = "Resolved Name";
   use Win32::OLE;
   my $mapisession = Win32::OLE->new("MAPI.Session")
        or die "Failed to create a new MAPI Session!";

        # Logon to server
   my $res = $mapisession->Logon("OUTLOOK");
        die "Could not log on to exchange server!" if ($res);
   # Create a new message
   my $msg = $mapisession->Outbox->Messages->Add();
   # Add the recipient and resolve the address
       my $recipient = $msg->Recipients->Add();
        $recipient->{Name} = $myvar;
        # Add your text
        $msg->{Subject} = "Fat Client Test";
        $msg->{Text} = qq/
                Email test ....
                will this work?
                        Fred and Barney
        # Send the email
        $msg->Send(0, 0, 0);
        # Log off
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my $recipient2 = $msg->Recipients->Add();
$recipient2->{Name} = $myvar2;
... and so on for more recipients

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mschwadeAuthor Commented:
Thank you that worked, but is there anyway to make the 2nd recpient show up on the CC line?

mschwadeAuthor Commented:

I tried this, but didn't work..

      $rcount = 1;
      foreach $user_name (@users) {
      recipientobj = "recipient$rcount";
      my $recpientobj = $msg->Recipients->Add();
      $recipientobj->{Name} = $user_name;
      $rcount = $rcount+1;
According to this:
you need to set the type to 2 for cc.  I'm not sure how to do that, but try this:
    my $recipient2 = $msg->Recipients->Add($myvar2, undef, 2);

To add from an array
foreach my $uname (@users) {
    my $recip = $msg->Recipients->Add();
    $recip->{Name} = $uname;

mschwadeAuthor Commented:
I figured out the CC by the code below.. But Adam, remember in adding from an array, the my $recip still needs to be different each time through the loop or it doesn't work, for example my $recip, my $recip2, etc..

my $recipient2 = $msg->Recipients->Add();
$recipient2->{Name} = $uname;
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