Homesite 5.5 problem

I have been using HomeSite 5.5 for several years. Recently the ENTER key became non-functional in the editor. Clicking the ENTER key does nothing. Holding the Shift key while hitting the ENTER key does produce a line feed, but that is annoying.

This issue does not occur in my other programs, so it isn't a hardware issue.

I am sure there is some quick fix, but I can't find anything in the options.

How do I fix it? How do I keep from doing it again?

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SheharyaarSaahilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
that's a known issue when you are running Texter, the enter key on HomeSite stops working, and exiting from Texter will make it start working again.
do you have "Texter" installed on the machine?
birwinAuthor Commented:
Yes, I do.
birwinAuthor Commented:
Dear SheharyaarSaahil:

You are a genius. I would have never figured that out on my own.

I stopped Texter and my problem immediatley went away.

I hope they find a fix for the problem, since Texter does seem to be a decent program, but I live in HomeSite, so Texter has to go until they make the fix.

Thank you.

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