How do I specify a specific "embeded" font face in a dynamic ActionScript field?

This seems to work but I'm having trouble setting the text to a specific font which I will embed with the flash movie:
      time_txt.htmlText = "<font size='10' color='#999999'> Current Time:"+minutes+":"+seconds+totalTimeText+"</font>";
What code can I use to specify a specific font to use for this text? The name of the font I wan to use is "Kabel Md BT"


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Aneesh ChopraCommented:
Here is the fixed code:
time_txt.htmlText = "<font size='10' face='Kabel Md BT' color='#999999'> Current Time:"+minutes+":"+seconds+totalTimeText+"</font>";

make sure you have also embedded the font glyphs in textfield.

Aneesh Chopra
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