WScript problem running command prompt

Hi all,
I have the following code I'm trying to call from an asp script:

      dim shellCommand
      shellCommand = "cmd.exe /c dir > c:\temp\a.txt"
      dim i
      i = oScript.Run (shellCommand, 0, True)

The value for i is always 1, indicating an error, although no error messages appear, and c:\a.txt does not appear.. I've set up full permissions to the IUSR account on c:\temp and also gave full permissions to the IUSR account on cmd.exe. cmd.exe is in my system path, and if i omit the /c switch (which closes the cmd window once its done), I see the cmd.exe in the task manager so i know its running.

Any ideas?
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Big MontyWeb Ninja at largeAsked:
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Big MontyWeb Ninja at largeAuthor Commented:
i can also just run:

cmd.exe /c dir

and i get the proper return code (which is 0) so it has something to do with writing a file to c:\temp
"and c:\a.txt does not appear.. ":

Are yoiu checking the right folder?  Forgot \temp\.  Was that a typo?

And have you tried ---> , 1, true
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Big MontyWeb Ninja at largeAuthor Commented:
ya that was a typo, sorry about that.

i did try changing it to a 1 but got the same result.
OK, what if you try a folder within the site root that has modify permissions for IUSR?
Big MontyWeb Ninja at largeAuthor Commented:
earlier on on the script i am writing to a temp file in the same directory so i know i can write to it.
"earlier on on the script i am writing to a temp file in the same directory so i know i can write to it."

Yes, but not using command prompt, right?  command calls with vbscript and FSO are not the same.
The fact is, there is nothing wrong with this code directly from command line:

cmd.exe /c dir > c:\temp\a.txt

However, you are having problems with that call from VBScript.  Odds are its permissions related, so you need to test cmd.exe from location within the "root", not c:\ that you are sure IUSR has MODIFY permissions on.  Just try it! :)

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Big MontyWeb Ninja at largeAuthor Commented:
i see what you're saying. i'll give it a shot and let you know.
Big MontyWeb Ninja at largeAuthor Commented:
thanks for that, it worked!

i just assumed that since i had FSO permissions, I would be able to have execute (modify) permissions, since I had full control checked off in the security properties. anyways, i'll just a use a folder within my website to do whats needed.

Thx again!
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