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Run-time error 91during Internet Explorer .Document reference from VBA

  I need to write an app to get data in and out of tools with a web front end.  The pages are kind of complicated, and run java, asp... I tried perl::LWP but got stumped by embeded java scritps, and so decided to use IE, and write a vb script to control it (hope that's the right way to go).  I am using VBA out of excel 2003 Pro, sp2.

I am getting a Run-time error 91 when i try to execute any methods out of my .Document object, but I get the correct answer when I reference the .Document.Title object.  .Document.LastChild also errors out... The code is below, in the order it gets called:
  Option Explicit
  Public goIe As InternetExplorer 'Ie is the name of my global object for browser - EMPTY at this time!!!
  Public goIeDoc As Object
  Public Function main()
      With goIe
         .Visible = True
      End With
     ' user clicks a button to call mdlOther.my_func
     main = 1
  End Function

Option Explicit
Dim cframes As Object
   Public Function my_func()
      ' go to some websites...
      mdlIe.Navigate ("someurl")  ' snipped - it goes there just fine, can see on screen.
      'run an asp script - snipped -runs just fine, again can see on screen.
       mdlIe.Navigate ("someurl/some.asp")
       'Select the correct project
       Set goIeDoc = goIe.Document
       sTitle = goIeDoc.Title 'works just fine.
       cframes = goIeDoc.LastChild '<--- ERROR
       'cframes = goIeDoc.getElementsByName("_TopMenu") '<--- same ERROR
   End Function

   'credit goes to a guy from some web site I found this on :)
    Public Sub GetIE()
       'Makes sure goIe is created prior to being used.
        If goIe Is Nothing Then
            Set goIe = New InternetExplorer
            goIe.Visible = False
            'I don't know why this causes problems, can supress the warn manually for now...
            'goIe.Silent = True
       End If
   End Sub
Public Sub Navigate(loc As String)
       ' Navigate to loc
        Call goIe.Navigate(loc)
        Call LoadPage
        End Sub
Public Sub LoadPage()
   Do While goIe.Busy Or goIe.ReadyState <> READYSTATE_COMPLETE
End Sub

I am stumped.  Thanks in advance for the help...
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zorvek (Kevin Jones)
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