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Allow access to Intranet but not Internet

Can someone tell me how to allow a user to be able to access an internal company website but not access the internet.

My thoughts are to put the internal site in trusted sites and then allow access only to trusted sites, but I can not find a group policy that will allow access to only trusted sites.

Any Ideas please help.
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Greetings maybanksystems !

Here is how to Block all sites except approved sites
For Windows XP, save the .RAT file to C:\Windows\System32\ folder.

Hope this helps, war1
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The way I did it at my work is go into the static IP settings and remove the gateway.  My users are using limited access profiles in XP, so they can't change the setting back.   Even if they could, they don't know which IP to use.

If your users are using DHCP, you'd have to make that change in the DHCP server settings, which may be something only network admins have access to.
you could use a proxy or ISA server and achieve this through that or you could use internet Explorer maintenance to specify a proxy that is pointing for lopback address for all sites, but bypass the proxy for only the internal page and any other pages you want to allow the user to see.
maybanksystem, any update?
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Sorry for the long delay. I figured it out. I added the site to trusted sites then created a group policy to only allow trusted sites and not allow them to change it.

Thanks for the suggestions.
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