ways to capture users data

I will be in charge of creating web applications for a big site that will be getting a million visits a day.  
my job is to reserach  ways to capture users data at different levels.  

we will offer news, great videos , stats , schedules

what r the ebst practices to ask for users information.  

for instance,  when will you ask for nothing
for  email address
for  phone number
for  mailing address

what kind of services can i offer them to get what i want?  

we have several sponsors as well so they can help with products if needed.

i would like to get some ideas if possible.  
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I would let the users access content without asking for anything, but then offer additional content extras such as RRS feeds, latest news before anyone via email etc. as a signup.

When they see how good the free news and videos are they will be more inclined to sign and enter information to a site they trust.

you can then use analytic info to see what is working at what is not to get them to signup
Ask for nothing level
User behaviour, and buying habits - Google analytics will track how the user got to your site, what they did on it etc, even conversion rates (with adwords) for keywords, and more. lots of other very good stat packages also.

Email addresses etc
Asking the user to subscribe for free, to get access to news feeds, videos etc. a user will enter all kinds of personal information if they think they are getting something for free!
thank you for the points :)
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