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Trying to access a windows xp pro computer inside the lan which is setup on a domain through remote desktop. The computer I am using to access it is also setup with xp pro. I can access other computers on the network, except this particlar one.  The error i get is as follows " The client could not connect to the remote computer" "Remote connections might not be enabled or the computer might to to busy to accecpt new connections"

Please Advise. Thank you
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ajwukTechnical Consultant / Project ManagerCommented:
Check the following reg key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server

fDenyTSConnections should = 0
TSEnabled = 1
ajwukTechnical Consultant / Project ManagerCommented:
Check that TS access is enabled on that XP machine. Control panel > System > Remote > Remote desktop.
If it is, check if the Windows firewall is blocking RDP connections (which is does by default). Windows Firewall settings > Exceptions.
chantalcookwareAuthor Commented:
Ok, tried that. No luck. I am looking at this site now
I deleted the key on the local machine, but no luck either.

Tell me your thoughts.
Start> RUN > Services.msc

Check to make sure that Terminal Services service is started.
go to a command prompt and type the following command.

netstat -an > abc.txt

copy paste the output of the text file here. this is to check whether port 3389 (which rdp uses by default) is open.
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