how to set up IM server on ubuntu

I am looking for GOOD information on what is needed to set up a IM server. It will be for a local intranet  and I will host it on a Ubuntu VM.  

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Kerem ERSOYPresidentCommented:

I ao using openfire server. The installation is very simple. You just downlaod the RPM and install the RPM. That is it. All you would do is to go to web based configuration page once the server is up. I think this is one of the very popular version of server and easy to deploy and maintain. I'll highly recomend it.

Please check the product here:

They also have a tar.gz for other OS's (Since you told you would be using Ubuntu).

As ckhsu1977 mentioned you can use pidgin. Pidgin is another very finely implemented software I am using it for Jabber, msn and icq and higly recommind it too. It comes with lots of distros too (Excluding Ubuntu). But here's the information on compiling pidgin over ubuntu:
jwhiteman1967Author Commented:
Great, checked that out it is not detailed enough. GAIM does not connect using jabber protocol.
Jabberd admin guide:
According to this site:, pidgin (formally known as gaim), it does.
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