Packet Shaping

Does anyone know of a packet shaping utility that removes the download and upload limitation from your isp.
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Sorry dude, there is very little you can do on your end on the connection, it's all done with big fancy traffic shaping cisco hardware and software. The only options an end user can do is (if you are talking about dl/ul SPEED limits)
A.) If you are torrenting (legal stuff only of course) you can use a client such as azerus or youtorrent and enable packet header encryption. SUPPOSEDLY this can get you past some companies forms of torrent traffic shaping and will gain you a little plus in speed.
B.) Certain companies use a certain type of software (firmware) on the modem to control your bandwidth limitations. In some cases you can alter this software, but this will likely get you promptly kicked off their service and likely fined

fact is it's all ISP side and you have no control over the limits the put on you. Let us know if you find some magical app that takes over control of the ISP's traffic shaping routers and give you uncapped everything :P
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