Why use Outlook Mobile Access instead of Blackberry Enterprise Server.

We currently have a BES 4.1 with 100 users. I would like to try using OMA with a Treo 700wx.

I'm trying to sell this to the CIO of my company so we can try using OMA instead of RIM. Please give me some reason why we should be using OMA instead of RIM.

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OMA a web based access method, so I think you mean EAS.

Why use it? If you have a fully deployed BES, then it is a difficult argument.
You gain the wide range of devices, no need to buy CALs.
You lose the heavy management of the devices - there isn't the admin support of the devices that you get with BES. Blackberry is a much more mature product, probably two versions, even more apart from Windows Mobile.

Then you have the major problem. Windows Mobile isn't Blackberry. On pure brand alone, some people will only look at Blackberry because it is Blackberry.

Only reason I can think of is that OMA comes with Exchange out of the box - 'free' if you like.
But OMA is a very basic ONLINE text based system (designed for basic WAP-based browsers), has no synchronisation or offline capability - - I can think of more reasons to buy BES than to use OMA... so based on these things, I think you'll find it a very, very, very, hard sell.
I presume you've tried OMA yourself?  Try it from a mobile phone and see what you think!

Best of luck!
jasonlkennedyAuthor Commented:
I think I asked the wrong question. I want to use Active Sync not OMA.
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