companyweb/ doesn't work must use companyweb/default.aspx : WHY??

Microsoft Small Business Server
Sharepoint Services 3.0

I can access companyweb/ on the local intranet. To connect from outside the local intranet my URL has to be specific http://companyweb/default.aspx.  http://companyweb/ prompts for user name and password but then page not found.

I have done extensive searches on this one only finding some help mentioning something to do with multiple frameworks of  The server does have multiple frameworks installed.

I have tried this fix: but results for me are "you are not authorized to use this page"
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zephyr_hex (Megan)Connect With a Mentor DeveloperCommented:
you mentioned sharepoint services 3.0, which i'm assuming is wss 3.0

in wss 3.0, if you have multiple addresses that resolve to a single web application, you have to re-extend that application in Central Admin to create another "zone".
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
also, you might consider that this is a possible DNS issue.  internally, DNS knows companyweb should resolve to companyweb/default.aspx...
externally, you would have to specify it with a pointer... so that when a user navigates to companyweb, the DNS translates that to companyweb/default.aspx
jabronicusAuthor Commented:
Excellent help THANKS
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