Is there any way to forward MX and HTTP requests to an out side domain is the internal domain is of the same name?


Thank you all in advance for your assistance.  

I have a domain controller setup that handles my entire internal network's DNS, WINS and internal HTTP processing.  For clarity's sake we'll say the domain controller is  The DC is set up with DNS forwarders to my ISP's DNS servers so that any address outside my network is properly resolved.  However, I do not have a dedicated connection to the internet (well, I do but it's a dynamic IP and I don't really want  the hassle of setting up and maintaining exchange and external web servers) so my external website and e-mail are hosted by a third party through a domain registration also called

Everything is working fine; i.e., my internal stuff is working and my external stuff is working when accessed from an external web location but when I try to get to my webmail application or to the external domain from inside my network, I encounter an HTTP 404 error message.  I understand that this is because addresses try to resolve inside my domain because the DNS system does not see a need to forward those for external resolution.

So my question, is there a way for me to forward and for external DNS resolution? Or have I shot myself in the foot by trying to use the same internal name as an externally hosted site?

Many, many thanks for your assistance.

Warmest regards,
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This is a common issue when the internal and external DNS names are the same, and it's easily solved.  All you need to do is create host records on your internal DNS server for the hosts "webmail" and "www" (assuming those really are the hostnames of your webmail and public web servers).  Point those host records to their external IP addresses, and you're set.  (Clients may need to flush their DNS cache before they'll resolve correctly.)
psychosmurfAuthor Commented:
Thank you, DrDave242, for your assistance.  The sites themselves did not have static IP addresses as the hosting service determined them dynamically.  I've added a static IP address to the external domain and will try creating the hostnames once the IP has had a chance to propagate across the net.

Again, many thanks for your assistance and I will post back with the results.
psychosmurfAuthor Commented:
DrDave242, you saved me a huge headache.  The solution worked perfectly.  Many, many thanks!
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