Cloning XP Machines

I have about 20 identical machine that I would like to clone the image rather than installing XP on each one of them.
Question1: What do I need to do to the original image ready to clone? I heard of sysprep but not sure what it is.
Question2: What kind of cloning program would you suggest? That would allow me to clone multiple machines at once.
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elharaganConnect With a Mentor Commented:
awhile ago I used g4l; it worked pretty well; I didn't set it up but using it was not hard.
here is a tutorial:
sysprep is a utility that basically get's the machine ready to be cloned; stripes the machine of the SID and it has other features; you can automate the process of joining the computers to your domain too.
good luck
PUNKYConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sysprep would be right tool for you:

You also need the clone software (make sure licensing for legal). I strongly suggest Acronis products: 
I had three pcs all with the same specs. I installed XP PRO on one and then took out the other harddrive (one by one) and run a progam (Can't remember it), But its the same company that make "Partition Magic". Great app too. If I remember correctly, this gets around Windows Activation. Not that we would want to get around Product Activation. - Hamish
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