How to trap DocumentBeforeClose event in Word 2007 using C++ / ATL

I am writting addin using Visual Studio 2005 C++ and ATL for Word 2007.  How do I get event notifications like    DocumentBeforeClose, DocumentBeforeSave, etc.   I need to do some processing before the document is closed or saved.  
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Maybe these resources will help you better.

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cdoggettAuthor Commented:
Ya, I saw those myself...  Remember I am doing C++.

I added the IApplicationEvents2 interface but the events dont seem to get fired.
cdoggettAuthor Commented:
Not trying to be a pain, however...  This is all stuff I have seen before.  Please don't send links to 'good stuff' if it doesn't address my exact problem.  I need how to implement a callback for the DocumentBeforeClose event in Visuall Studio 2005 using Word 2007.  This is important, I have it working just fine in Word 2003.  

I tried implementing the ApplicationEvents interface and it created the various Document events, but they are not being executed.

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