ActiveX viewer running very SLOW


Running Business Objects 11 Enterprise server.  Have a 15 to 40 page report on the server.  When users access it from a client using the ActiveX viewer the report loads very slowly.  It also takes 20 to 30 seconds to scroll from one page to the next.  Looking at SQL profiler our SQL server is returning data to the report much faster than that, so I know the problem is not there.

Also, if I open the report from my client using Crystal Reports XI it loads and scrolls MUCH MUCH faster.  I'm thinking there is something wrong with the way I have the report published, but can't find anything out of the norm.  The report does have about 12 parameters that are passed to it from our web application, but those seem to pass correctly.  

Does anyone have any ideas of what to check or how to troubleshoot this?
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you testing with the same parameters?  On the same database?

The ActiveX viewer and the Crystal designer viewer are different so there generally is some difference in performance.

ckangas7Author Commented:
Yep, same database, same parameters.  Is there a different type of viewer I can try to eliminate an Active X issue?
frodomanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can try the dhtml viewer to see if the performance is better than activex.

ckangas7Author Commented:
After playing with server settings I discovered that inscreasing the number of "Database Records to Read When Previewing or Refreshing a Report" on the BOE Crystal Reports Page Server helped improved perfomance signigicantly.  
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