database loading inside a frame problem

Hi- I have this wierd issue- I have a website on that is being hosted with Blue Genesis. My client just aquired and wants to host it with iHostxtremes. So I copied the whole site from .NET and uploaded it to .COM. (I know this site is hideous, but he loves it)
My problem is that despite being asp compatible, and supposedly having all the items needed to work correctly on the iHost server, I can't get the .COM to work - vs. Niether iHost nor DMX Ready (the program that is the database part) can tell me why it wont' work. DMX Ready came back and told me "This page doesn't exist: -You are trying to link a page that doesn't exist inside your IFrame tag."

I am confused because it works on one server and not on the other...the pages are the same on both with the exception of the .NET / .COM there is no iframe tag...? I don't know much about servers, and I hate frames...but they came with the site, and the client likes it. I am working on building a template but until then...
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Hi squirtle98,

When I go to:

directly, I get a Page Not Found error.  Soooo, that usually means the transfer didn't go as smoothly as you think or there is a path/coding/address error in some script.
Yes it seems footer_sh is trying to redirect to the URL Jason points out above.  Therefore your problem lies with and that 'non-existent' page!
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