Remote Controlling OSX from Windows.

How do i remote control a new apple imac (intel) from my xp pro machine.. VNC would be good, but the versions ive tried dont seem to work very well. these are astroshare, osxvnc, vineserver. if i have to get a paid for version like realvnc or timbuktu, which is the best? IThanks
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Eoin OSullivanConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
On the Mac .. there is a VNC server INCLUDED in OSX. In the Sharing Pane .. enable Apple Remote Desktop and then in the Access Privileges .. button .. check the VNC option and enter a password.

On Windows try Real VNC Client or Tight VNC client

Enter the IP address of the Mac .. i.e.
and a port number of 5900

It works fine for me!!

If you need to use another port rather than 5900 then VineServer (formerly OSXVNC) is probably the best one out there.

On Windows you only need FREE VNC client software.
On the Mac both VineServer and the OSX VNC service are FREE

What function/problems have you have with VineServer?
PowerhousecomputingAuthor Commented:
I was using RealVNC client on the windows box, and Vine on the Mac. After entering the IP of the mac, on the default port of 5900, the client times out. There is no firewall software apart from whatever is built in to osx. both machines are connected on the same switch. -.. don't see why it isn't working.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
Step 1: Disable the Firewall on OSX (temporarily)
Step 2: Ensure that Apple Remote Desktop  is DISABLED under sharing as it may conflict with VINE
Step 3: On the Windows PC .. open IE or Firefox and enter the IP address and Port as follows
You should get a line of text in your browser
RFB 003.889
Also if you try port 5800 you should get a Java Client

IF you get this far then the problem lies in the settings in the RealVNC Client
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