Install uTorrent and WebUI under Ubuntu via SSH

I have a ubuntu box, which is headless, and I can only access via SSH.
Ubuntu 6.06 LTS

I would like to run uTorrent via wine. (I have wine installed via apt-get install wine)

How can I install uTorrent and the WebUI?

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WizRd-LinuxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok so ready through the readme it has its own inbuilt webserver to make your life easier.

Download teh Webui package from

Use the utorrent.exe in this file to replace your existing one, put the in your utorrent directory.

Enable and configure the WebUI in uTorrent (Preferences -> Advanced -> WebUI)

Point a non internet explorer browser at  http://YourIP:UTport/gui/.

Now as mentioned you will need to have X installed for wine to be able to run things like the installation process to make things easier for you.
You should have an application on your server called wget.  Use this program in the format wget <http address of file to download>.  This will then allow you to either install the RPM's or extract and compile the source.

If you are using a web interface you will also need apache installed, the source is likely to contain instructions for modifying your httpd.conf file and the rpm should setup apache for you.
mnb93Author Commented:
eh.. WizRd-Linux, utorrent is windows only hence wine.
And I don't have X.
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Sorry I couldn't look at Utorrent's website in the office.  Wine is going to complain without X being installed when it tries to run anything graphical.

Once you have X installed you can always boot the gui by using VNCServer, this will then allow you to run "wine /path/to/installer.exe" to install the app then run it from within the VNC session.

Once you have it installed and running then you can move onto the web interface, I will have to look at it more when I get home to find out the requirements and how you could possibly emulate it.
mnb93Author Commented:
How have you gone?
Forced accept.

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