One network per port on a cisco catalyst

I'm trying to create 1 network per port on the cisco catalyst.
I would like 1 port to be the /8 network
Another port being /24 network
And another port being an actual external class C network we own.
Each port is connected to a Layer 2 HP Switch (so 3 switches minimum).

The Catalyst is connecting to a Cisco 2800 series router that goes out to the internet.
My problem right now is configuring the catalyst, how should these ports be configured, everytime I put a port in routed mode i can't seem to connect outside the switch.

Any ideas would be great, actual commands would be even more helpful :)
Thanks again
Should I be using VLANS for this?

Should I be using Vla
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r0ssc0Connect With a Mentor Commented:
On the switch will do, enable routing, assign ip to each interface, add a default route. I am assuming that the  2800 is on the network and its address is then the config will look like below.  If you situation dramatically different then repost

ip routing
ip route

interface FastEthernet0/1
no switchport
ip address

interface FastEthernet0/2
no switchport
ip address

Interface FastEthernet0/3
no switchport
description Class C Network
ip address x.x.x.x

I would.  As long as you don't foresee saturating the 100mbit port on the 2800, set it up with 3 subinterfaces, trunk the connectino from the 2800 to the Catalyst, trunk the interconnects between switches and define ports as VLAN access ports on whatever VLAN you want them to be.  Thats just me though, I'd rather have the router do the routing as it affords more flexibility in that realm.

If you really want to use the switch as a router, follow the following:

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