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Can't move files on webserver into another directory.

slogged asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-16
I've created a new website using Mambo.  I developed the website in http://basa-uw.ca/mambo and planned to move it up one directory once it was done.  I'm unable to copy some of the files by FTP to my machine.  I can log in using SSH and try to move the files that way, but I get an access denied message.  ls -l from within one of the directories containing files I can't access reveals:

-bash-3.00$ ls -l
total 48
-rw-------  1 nobody 4294967295  6077 Oct  2 02:59 admin.comment.html.php
-rw-------  1 nobody 4294967295 12221 Oct  2 02:59 admin.comment.php
-rw-------  1 nobody 4294967295  1087 Oct  2 02:59 class.comment.php
-rw-------  1 nobody 4294967295  2071 Oct  2 02:59 comment.xml
-rw-------  1 nobody 4294967295   195 Oct  2 02:59 config.comment.php
-rw-------  1 nobody 4294967295  1294 Oct  2 02:59 install.comment.php
-rw-------  1 nobody 4294967295  1567 Oct  2 02:59 toolbar.comment.html.php
-rw-------  1 nobody 4294967295   904 Oct  2 02:59 toolbar.comment.php
-rw-------  1 nobody 4294967295   536 Oct  2 02:59 uninstall.comment.php

If you're not familiar with Mambo, you set up a mySQL database, upload Mambo's installation files by ftp and adjust the permissions on the files.  Mambo is then set up through a browser, and it creates new files.  I think that the files it created are the ones that now have no owner.

How do I move these files into the directory above without being the owner of them?  

We're a student's association and our webhost has given us free hosting.  I'd REALLY like to solve this on my own and contact them to change file permissions only if it's absolutely necessary.

As a temp solution I've created an .htaccess to direct everyone to /mambo.

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I used PHP/Apache to delete the files, recreated them.

Why I continue to pay for EE ... I have no idea ....
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