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Changing Google Toolbar Home button URL

When I click on Google's logo on the Google Toolbar in the bottom left I end up at the Google's home page, but I really find Google Suggest Labs (http://www.google.com/webhp?complete=1&hl=en) more helpful and when I click on the button I want to go be able to go there instead. I know there is a special command (http://toolbar.google.com/command?<changes here>) but doesn't seem to work for me. Does anyone know of a way to do this?

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1 Solution
First, download my own hexadecimal filepatcher (don't worry, the following procedure is very safe!):

You need .NET Framework redistributable (usually comes with Windows SP2, Vista, etc) but if you receive and error, download from:

Now, close any Internet Explorer window.

Then open a console, Start / Run and Type "CMD" without quotes. Run Hexpatcher with the following parameters:

hexpatcher 73006F007500720063006500690064003D006E006100760063006C00690065006E0074 63006F006D0070006C006500740065003D00310026006E00680066003D0072006D0068 -max 1 -startFrom 4 %programfiles%/google/GoogleToolbar1.dll

For example, if you extracted the zip file of hexpatcher to "c:\files\":

c:\files\hexpatcher.exe  73006F007500720063006500690064003D006E006100760063006C00690065006E0074 63006F006D0070006C006500740065003D00310026006E00680066003D0072006D0068 -max 1 -startFrom 4 %programfiles%/google/GoogleToolbar1.dll

To recover the original behavior of Google Toolbar, just run:
hexpatcher 63006F006D0070006C006500740065003D00310026006E00680066003D0072006D0068  73006F007500720063006500690064003D006E006100760063006C00690065006E0074 -max 1 -startFrom 4 %programfiles%/google/GoogleToolbar1.dll

Or delete %programfiles%/google/GoogleToolbar1.dll and rename %programfiles%/google/GoogleToolbar1.dll.backup to %programfiles%/google/GoogleToolbar1.dll

-- Greets, Erwin
spiritfanAuthor Commented:
Thanks! When I run hexpatcher I get "Error: no se puede leer el archivo, no existe o no accesible" then program terminates. Any ideas?
Sorry, I forgot to specify that, replace:

with your own google toolbar library, Start / Run: %programfiles%/google/
and check if there is a GoogleToolbar1.dll or has a different name.

That error says: File not found (literally %programfiles%/google/GoogleToolbar1.dll not exists)
spiritfanAuthor Commented:
This worked perfectly! Thank you very much!

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