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I have 45 users with roaming profiles which used to reside on a server where AD services were running, later i moved the folders to another server and modified the links for all user in AD to obtain the roaming profile from the new server which works as file server. Now when i turn of the old server some of the users complain that their systems get too slow and even they cannot open a single MS word file neither they can saved it but when i turn ON the server back everything gets normal. I tried to use the network monitor to monitor the incoming connections to the old server and i found the following. I have pasted the logs for two users. \\acmew3dc01\users was the old shared folder and now this is over the file server. So i don't know why still users machines are accessing the old shares. Thanks

27510      955.875000            acmew3dc01.acme.intranet      acmeXPWS26             SMB      SMB: R; Session Setup Andx
27511      955.875000            acmeXPWS26             acmew3dc01.acme.intranet      SMB      SMB: C; Tree Connect Andx, Path = \\acmeW3DC01\IPC$, Service = ?????
27512      955.875000            acmew3dc01.acme.intranet      acmeXPWS26             SMB      SMB: R; Tree Connect Andx, Service = IPC
27513      955.875000            acmeXPWS26             acmew3dc01.acme.intranet      RAP      RAP
27514      955.875000            acmew3dc01.acme.intranet      acmeXPWS26             RAP      RAP
27515      955.875000            acmeXPWS26             acmew3dc01.acme.intranet      SMB      SMB: C; Logoff Andx
27516      955.875000            acmew3dc01.acme.intranet      acmeXPWS26             SMB      SMB: R; Logoff Andx
27517      955.875000            acmeXPWS26             acmew3dc01.acme.intranet      SMB      SMB: C; Tree Disconnect
27518      955.875000            acmew3dc01.acme.intranet      acmeXPWS26             SMB      SMB: R; Tree Disconnect

27583      957.531250            acmeXPWS08             acmew3dc01.acme.intranet      NbtSS      NbtSS: NbtSS Continue payload, Length = 6
27584      957.531250            acmew3dc01.acme.intranet      acmeXPWS08             TCP      TCP: Flags=....A..., SrcPort=Microsoft-DS(445), DstPort=2016, Len=0, Seq=3394038508, Ack=3098402951, Win=65535 (scale factor not found)
27585      957.531250            acmew3dc01.acme.intranet      acmeXPWS08             SMB      SMB: R; Session Setup Andx
27586      957.531250            acmeXPWS08             acmew3dc01.acme.intranet      SMB      SMB: C; Tree Connect Andx, Path = \\acmeW3DC01\USERS, Service = ?????
27587      957.531250            acmew3dc01.acme.intranet      acmeXPWS08             SMB      SMB: R; Tree Connect Andx - NT Status: System - Error, Code = (204) STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME
27588      957.531250            acmeXPWS08             acmew3dc01.acme.intranet      SMB      SMB: C; Logoff Andx
27589      957.531250            acmew3dc01.acme.intranet      acmeXPWS08             SMB      SMB: R; Logoff Andx
27590      957.531250            acmew3dc01.acme.intranet      acmeXPWS08             TCP      TCP: Flags=..R.A..., SrcPort=HTTP(80), DstPort=2018, Len=0, Seq=0, Ack=18199302, Win=0 (scale factor not found)

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kadadi_vIT AdminCommented:
Please check the event viwer detials and delete the shared resources entry from the Registry editor of that machines Hkey_localmachine>system>current control set>services>lanman sever>shares...and delete the rightside shared drives or folders enteries ...try with this and propely disconnect the mapped drives on the cilent desktops for old server drives and check the properly configured the internal dns server settings.


aib_itAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answer. Kindly also let me know what entries have to be updated on DNS side.
aib_itAuthor Commented:
HO V.K any update
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