Redirect Share \\server01\data to \\server02\data

Hi everybody.

How do I redirect \\server01\data to \\server02\data? In a sourcecode the server01 is hardcoded and I switched the directory to server02. I allready made DNS Aliases and WINS. But I can't connect to the share via \\server01.

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Ashish PatelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In host file add an entry with IP for server0 and name of server01, like this for example.              server1

where is the IP of server0 and server1 is the name of server01
Ashish PatelCommented:
where is the IP of server02 and server01 is the name of server01
socom1985Author Commented:
yea I know that. But this I have to do on every PC it self... right?

Isn't there another solution?
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Ashish PatelCommented:
No, there isnt any other solution for this. OR there is just one thing which you can is make an entry like this in WINS for all machines, if you can.
Ashish PatelCommented:
You can set WINS entry for all machines from server.
If you've created the correct aliases (CNAME) in DNS, you'll need to do this regedit on your "server02".  Then you won't need to do the hosts or WINS changes.;en-us;281308
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