Global Address list not updating.

Okay, adding lots of new users to an Exchange list (SBS 2003), but they are not appearing on people's Global Address list for emails...
Do I need to refresh the list manually?
Jeremy BromleyIT ConsultantAsked:
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
There is no reason to mess with Outlook operating in Cached Mode and you should NOT disable that because it would then cause all sorts of other issues such as the Junk Mail Filter not working properly.

The GAL takes 24 hours to update unless you force the update which can easily be done in the Exchange System Manager > Recipients > Recipient Update Services.  Just right click both of the items in the right panel and select "update now" to force an update.

Any user that had Outlook open should close it and reopen to accept the updates.

is the outlook running in cached mode?
if yes, then the offline address book rebuild once daily and the outlook clients download the same
are you able to see the exchange feature in the properties of the new accounts that you have created?
Jeremy BromleyIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Okay, how can I tell if Outlook is running in Cached mode?

Not certain what you mean in the second paragraph? Are we talking about on the server or the client PCs? I can see them okay on server okay, and have made sure they are not hidden.
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i was talking about the server
check the email account properties in outlook
there is a small checkbox called "cached exchange mode"
is that checked?
In Outlook click on:

Tools > E-mail settings > Click Next button to View / Change

In there you should see check box that you can un-tick to disable cached mode. Get your user to close and re-open Microsoft Outlook.

This should allow MS Outlook to download new Global Address List. Otherwise click on little arrow next to Send / Receive button, go to 'Download Address Book" and un-tick the box in that window then click OK to download full address book.
any updates?
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