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Mac RDP client unable to connect to a specific terminal server (win 2003)


I have a terminal server and everything is fine with every user except for one.  

It is a mac os 10.4 and for some reason from his location I cannot connect to the terminal server, either by using the dynamic dns address for the location or the ip address.  The strange thing is that I can connect to other rdp hosts from that machine and I can connect to the one I want to from other computers in that location so it is localized to that one machine.

I tried using tsclientx which is an alternative terminal services client for the mac and that also failed.  The clients fail to connect without giving any helpful message and I also can't find any reference to the connection attempt in any logs on the server.  

I took the problem machine to another location to rule out the router or anything on that network and it still could not connect but it could connect to other rdp hosts.

If this was windows I think I would look at the hosts file just to see if there was anything strange there.  I am not as knowledgable on mac so I am a bit at a loss as to what to try next.  it is very frustrating.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Schuyler Kuhl
Schuyler Kuhl
1 Solution
Few Q's... what is failing?  The connection to the server itself, or resolvign the name?  Can you ping the machine from your Mac?

I see you mentioned you can connect to other machines, but not this one.  Are the other machines you are usign to connect to it Macs?

I would suggest trying CORD as a RDP client.  If the issue is related to connecting via Admin Console then CORD is the answer because it allows this as MS's client doesn't (I think...)

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