How to do a print preview page in 2.0

I am developing an email app and need to do a print preview page.

I have for example the message object

                     EmailMessage message = new EmailMessage();
                    message.ID = Guid.NewGuid();
                    message.Priority = 1;
                    message.EmailSubject = subject.Text;
                    message.EmailTo = row.Cells[3].Text;
                    message.EmailFrom = fromemail.Text;
                    message.EmailBCC = "";
                    message.EmailCC = copyto.Text;
                    message.EmailBody = ftb.Text;
                    message.Status = 0;
                    StringDictionary namevalue = GetPreparedNameValue(message);
                    EmailMessage templatedmessage = EmailTemplate.GetTemplatedMessage("GenericEmailTemplate", message, namevalue);

It uses a HTML template and I need the best way to do a "print preview" screenshot
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surajgupthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
After u get the template applied. MailMessage object should contain the header/ footer and the actual payload of the mail. You should be able to view it by passing the contents of MailMessage.Body to another page so the user may look at how it is going to display when the mail gets through.
Do you want to send the screen shot of the page as a file in email??
I do not understand what you are trying to do with a email component and a print preview.
mugseyAuthor Commented:
I am  using my own mass emailer component and it is template driven.  I the user enters the BODY of the text and then I need to be able to preview the BODY and the header and footer templates
Are you generating a HTML mail or a text mail?
Either ways you could just pass the HTML of the body with header and footer to another page to just display the HTML
mugseyAuthor Commented:
Well the templates are of .txt extension.  How can I do this?
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