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asp.net web project publish upload help

Last Modified: 2008-01-09

I have one site to upload. its in asp.net v.2.
now on server there are foldersas follows


all my aspx files are to be in httpdocs thats the route

and server pepl say dtabse is to be in data folder
when httpdocs becomes route
complete physicla path is e:\www\sectiona\domain.com
this domain.com has sub folders


in httpdocs my aspx files will go
and dtabse has to go in data folder

while i have been working with app_data subdirectory in my root

now what should i do where can I find complete technical details about such webadministration
i have 10 mb hosting space on a server and they do not provide any programming help thats the answer they have given for this problem.

pleae help me how do i use path in the above case
or can i make my folder app-data secure folder?
quick help is needed
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Sr. Server Administrator
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thanks I am working on m local comp and database is functional i am using complete physical path in my connection string

yes access database

on my local machine database path is

root dir for project within it app_data folder is created by visual studio there only i store all my data base
but in actual hosting there is no such folder there directory stucture is completely different
in this case if i create app_data folder within my root directory will it be secure folder?
how do i protect it from unauthorized access
yes my control panel also alow me to create DSN


can u please tell me how do we protect or secure our folder on a webserver

as u know i have asmall websited hosted on someone else folder

all the help is higly appreciated

Sam PanwarSr. Server Administrator


sorry for delay ..........

Some of the hosting control panel allow to create secure folder but generally it can be do by hosting company guys manually so please submit support ticket there.

2, If you database path is changed in the local computer then you have to change it as your web server. you have to change it manually in your code.

In thismap path is the best way.

3.If your control panel allows DSN then you have to create Access database in the control panel and after that create DSN.

After DNS you don't need any path just use DSN in the code.


thanks very much

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