malware recognition varies product to product ...which is correct

I recently had some Spyware picked up by ZoneAlarm and quarantined. There was no record of the malware in the ZA Quarantined list. I ran Housecall from TrendMicro and it found a "Spyware_Keyl_ast. I did a search for this keylogger and only could find it in TrendMicro's virus list. Why is this. It makes me doubt the validity of the findings. Is this a ploy to get one to purchase a specific product?
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Antivirus vendors generally assign virus names consisting of a prefix, the name, and a suffix. Not all vendors follow this convention, however, and even those who do may sometimes use different designators. When attempting to find information about a particular virus, it can be helpful to understand how the names are formed.
The fact is spyware software software and  anti-virus for that matter can vary greatly in what they detect especially if you have any sort herustic scanning(scan for files that look like they might be viruses).  I do not believe this a ploy to get you to buy their products it is sadly just a fact that no AV or spyware program will detect all potential threats to your computer.
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