Discussion about Virtual Private Networks. What program is the best?

I would like to open up a discussion about Virtual Private Networks.   We are thinking about the buying many seats with "GotomyPC".  We have tried ULTRAvnc and discovered that the speed achieved by "GotomyPC" is a lot faster.  Any thoughts on any programs that we can buy that can achieve the same type of speed as "GotomyPC".

Look forward to your answers
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UmbiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK, not sure i'f you've got your terms mixed up, or i'm confused.

Sounds like your after remote control software as opposed to VPN software.

Just to clear up what is available as i understand it.

VNC - was an open source product, that has become many versions like ultraVNC, tightVNC, WinVNC, performance, wise they all perform pretty much the same, some have more features like file transfer, but speed wise, they are not a whole lot different.

Citrix - citrix is probably the fastest product on the market when it comes to remote desktop, buying a citrix server and setting it up probably isn't cheap, i haven't looked into licensing lately, but i remember it is quite expensive, products like gotomypc and logmein are both based of citrix technologies, so both of these products are good, i have used both and the speed is a lot better than VNC, but of course the costs are higher.

RDP - then of course you have good old WIndows Remote Desktop, the technology speedwise is faster than VNC, but not as advanced as Citrix. RDP was originally based off citrix technology, but has not had the advances citrix has had (may change in 2008)

Now of course the best product depends on what you want it to do and your budget.

If you remote just for support, RDP will probably get you by.

If your users need to work from home, i would say one of the citrix products would be your best bet, if your budget is low, gotomypc and logmein are both good options, if you have a large budget, installing your own Citrix Presentation server and administrating it would give you the best control.

Hope that helps


This program is great, for that kind of solution. I've never tried or heard of GotomyPC, but i know that realvnc is a fast solution.
We use www.tightvnc.com and are also very happy with it.
Alan Huseyin KayahanCommented:
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