Crystal Reports reading data from XML

1. in CR, I am using xml as data source.
2. xml is exported using access' Application.ExportXML
3. with the export xml files has exportet all columns containing data.
4. sometimes the coulmn exported are more or less, meaning a column will be missing later on.
5. in CR again, I have formulas on some fields that are no longer on the xml file, because they don't contain data and thus not being exported at #2.

Besides writting the xml export function manually instead of using MS' .ExportXML is it possible in Crystal reports to simply:
 a. does this field name exist?
 - yes = use it
 - no = ignore it (gives me "This field is not known" error at the moment.

Berhan KaragoezCreatorAsked:
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Sorry BK, this isn't possible.  Crystal expects that the fields will always exist and will throw an error if an expected field isn't there.

You can certainly write formulas to handle the case where a field contains a null value (isNull function in Crystal) but the field must still exist in the dataset.

Berhan KaragoezCreatorAuthor Commented:
right, thanks for the info.
Easy still wel deserved points! ;)
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